Specialized Guarding

The Specialized Guarding Department is a sub-division of SOT EOOD split into two units:

Physical guarding of persons: Providing physical guarding services to high threat/risk clients

Event guarding: Providing the required security measures at various kinds of sporting and cultural mass events in Sofia and throughout the country as follows:

– Guarding of foreign delegations and clients with specific and high requirements;

– Armed guarding of special cargo under the provisions of the Law on Weapons, Ammunitions, Explosives and Fireworks;

– Armed guarding and escorting of excisable goods, armed guarding of banking operations, guarding of sporting activities and events;

– Guarding of foreign and Bulgarian film productions, entertainment and concert venues, congresses, conferences and workshops, private parties, etc.

The Specialized Guarding services are mainly provided within Sofia and, if necessary, throughout the country, and the performance of obligations involves employees of SOT 161 regional offices. The department employees have received special training and are constantly improving their skills by participating in special physical, shooting and tactical trainings.

The department has modern means of communication and provides guarding and escort with branded vehicles at the client’s request. During all guarding activities an uninterrupted mobile and radio connection is maintained with the National Operational On-Duty Center. In the event of crisis situations the officers are joined by the mobile security teams of SOT 161. The performance of security tasks is coordinated with the bodies of the Ministry of Interior.

The activity of the Specialized Guarding Department is implemented in accordance with the client’s requirements, with uniform or civilian clothes, with or without company weapons.

Some of the high profile events guarded by the Specialized Guarding Department of SOT 161 include:

Thirteen film productions, including the filmmaking of The Expendables 2 and The Expendables 3, Elevation Music Festival, Davis Cup Tennis Tournament, Champions League football matches, European Motocross Championship, many editions of Rally Bulgaria, Bulgarian Wine Forum, congresses of the Bulgarian Society of Gastroenterology.

The list includes numerous conferences, company and private parties, motor fests, concerts, club events, exhibitions, advertising and entertainment events, sports tournaments, football, basketball and volleyball games, escort of special loads, guarding of property and cash transactions, guarding of foreign delegations, embassies and consulates on various occasions and many others.

SOT 161 has earned the trust of the following companies and entities:

Fillip Morris, Nestle Bulgaria, Mobiltel, Unicredit Leasing S.A, Procredit Bank BulgariaE AD, Bulgarian National Bank, Global Brands Distribution OOD, Confucius Institute Foundation, Roche Bulgaria, Delta Com Holding Group OOD, AXXON Bulgaria OOD, Qatar Management Agency, Luxor Group OOD, Gourmet Publishing OOD, On Stage OOD, Azbukari Association, Industrial Commerce OOD, Bulgarian Automobile Sports Federation, Bulgarian Federation of Taekwondo ITF, Bulgarian Football Union , Bulgarian Tennis Federation, New Boyana Sofia OOD, New Boyana EX 3 EOOD, New Boyana Viburno, San Production OOD, Spider Production OOD, Crystal Ball Films OOD, and many others.

Contact detail: Gara Iskar Office,

Telephone numbers: +359 887 544 058, +359 882 544 008, +359 882 544 052

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