Medical Center 161


Emergency Medical Aid


Medical Center 161


Emergency Medical Aid


“You have the opportunity to rely on fail-safe, genuinely swift emergency medical aid that guarantees peace of mind and safety for you and your relatives anywhere and anytime at home, workplace or leisure places which you attend on the territory of Sofia town.”

We have gathered for you the vast practical experience gained for more than 30 years by the mobile security staff of SOT 161 in responses to alarm signals and the established Medical Center 161 which maintain 24/7 medical staff. ‘Emergency medical aid’ service has been working for over 13 years.

The increased number of customers of the service led to the establishment of Medical Center 161.



In fact, we have been the first to take care of over 92 700 people. In this service are conflated the greatest strengths of both companies – the communication infrastructure, the established approach in crisis situations, the swift response of SOT 161 and, most important, the medical teams of Medical Center 161, available 24/7 and ready, whenever necessary, to give adequate medical assistance.

Our customers can rely on:

As rapidly as possible ambulance arrival with a medical team;

Night and day emergency medical aid, visits and examinations of patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by a medical team;

Life-saving equipment and medicaments for providing relevant assistance;

Transportation to a hospital at the choice of the patients and/or their relatives whenever necessary.

How ‘Emergency medical aid’ service works?

When necessary the subscribed customers of the service (or their relatives) should call 91 161; they will be asked to give their identification number, to describe as accurately as possible the medical condition of the person in need of help and to give his or her address.

Calls are received continuously by the National operational duty center of SOT 161 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All calls are received by a controller of SOT 161 who forwards them immediately to the medical staff.

The transportation to the hospital or other medical facility is carried out as speedily as possible with the implementation of a navigation system (GPS control) and does not exceed 30 minutes.

The ambulances are owned by SOT 161 and their drivers are excellently prepared and experienced as mobile security staff members with many years of service.

Бърза помощ


After the arrival of the ambulance, the medical teams undertake the necessary actions to provide medical assistance to the patient.

The person reliant on care might be transported to the hospital at his or her choice if necessity was found.

After hospitalization, the patients are treated on clinical pathways or at the price list of the hospital concerned.

How to become a customer of the ‘Emergency First Aid’ service?

To become a customer of the ‘Emergency First Aid’ service, provided on the territory of Sofia town, one needs to visit an office of the company or to write to or

The use of the ‘Emergency First Aid’ service delivered by SOT 161 does not limit their customers to exercise their rights in accordance with Act 25 of the Ministry of Health of 04.11.1999 on emergency medical aid.

Additional services upon prior request

Specialized ambulance services – transportation and carriage of sick or disabled people:

– From bed to bed;
– From hospital to hospital;
– From hospital to home;
– From home to address at the choice of the patient;
– From hospital to address at the choice of the patient.

The payment of the additional services is negotiable
A medical team will be provided for the transportation in case of necessity.
For more information about the particular price of the service you need, please call 91 161.

Medical Center 161

Emergency Medical Aid

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