The Company

The Company

SOT – SECURITY ALARM SYSTEMS EOOD, also known as SOT 161, was registered on January 7, 1994, by Dipl. Eng. Pavel Videnov. It is the first company in the country specialized in guarding sites using security alarm systems.

It involves the guarding functions related to the use of the first private radio system manufactured by KP Electronics, Israel, and commissioned by SECTRON OOD on April 1, 1993. This was the first time when a base station for monitoring was developed and mobile teams were formed to respond to alarm signals received from sites in Lozenets

Quarter which marked the beginning of private security services in Bulgaria. A year after its registration, the company started providing physical guarding services for sites. Gradually, as the number of sites increased, the opportunities and potential of the company grew stronger.

Today, SOT – Security Alarm Systems EOOD (SOT 161) is the biggest security company in Bulgaria and the Balkans. Since 2006 SOT 161 has had affiliates in Belgrade, the capital of neighboring Serbia, and for the period from 2001 to 2014, SOT 161 established over 4500 sites in Skopje, Macedonia guarded using security alarm systems.

The company provides security alarm services, physical guarding of property, and specialized security, i.e. guarding of valuables and cargo, personal protection, and guarding of mass events. The company designs, monitors and maintains all kinds of technical security systems.

Since 2013 SOT 161 has been providing national coverage and ensuring the protection of more than 155,000 sites throughout the country. For the last 12 years, SOT 161 has been providing Emergency Medical Assistance services to its clients, for the first time in the country.

Sectron Electronics

The company maintains its reputation by applying the latest technical solutions and security methods; thereby, it inspires respect from offenders and limits the attempted break-ins in the guarded sites. Many of these solutions and methods were implemented for the first time in the country in cooperation with our trading company Sectron.

The development and production process of Sectron Electronics, an affiliated R&D company owned in majority by SOT 161, also play an important role for improving reliability of security and accelerating the construction of new sites.

The company’s know-how includes protection against blocking of channels transmitting alarm signals and for a year now it has been implementing a security radio system which is unique for the industry. It achieves a guaranteed receipt of alarm signals and timely processing of incoming information.

Awards and nominations

SOT 161 is the first security company in Bulgaria holding a Quality Management Certificate ISO 9001:2000 and today the company is the holder of all available certificates for quality of service and safety of the processed and stored information.


The SOT 161 brand was received the 2008, 2014, 2015 and 2017 awards of the SUPERBRANDS Global Organization for one of the top 50 most powerful brands in the Bulgarian market. Today, the well-known inscription with the SOT 161 logo can be seen both on the most reliable and prestigious sites, e.g. state and government bodies and institutions, banks, residences, embassies, insurance companies, premises of big companies, etc., and on private homes, kiosks and stands. The security ensured by the SOT 161 brand is available to all and is acknowledged by tens of thousands company clients.

Тrue Leaders

For ten years in a row now, from 2011 to 2020, SOT 161 has been honored with the True Leaders Award for the most successful company in its field, the security business. The True Leaders Global Award is given to companies that are among the top 300 most prosperous in their country of origin considering the financial data for the past year and SOT 161 is the only security company in this ranking. Besides the profitability, the increase in personnel and the company credit rating are also considered. In 2015 SOT 161 was honored with the European Business Awards for being one of the 16 companies represented as the national champions of Bulgaria.

European Business Awards

SOT EOOD is the only Bulgarian security company nominated for the prestigious European Business Awards. These awards and recognitions are based on objective and impartial indicators showing that SOT EOOD is a leading company providing innovations supported by good commercial outcomes.

European Security and Safety Association EU112 (European Emergency Number Association)

The European Emergency Number Association 112’s award is an acknowledgment of the innovative policy of SOT – SECURITY ALARM SYSTEMS EOOD for the implementation of the CISCO IPICS system, first in Bulgaria and second in Europe, in the field of network communications presented in Brussels in June 2007.

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