On July 3, 1990, after leaving the system of the Ministry of Interior, Dipl. Eng. Pavel Videnov founded Sectron OOD.

Two years later, on August 1, 1992, the company commissioned the first security radio system in the country for the needs of the Ministry of Interior, Sofia Directorate. In less than a year (on April 1, 1993) Sectron OOD initiated the first private radio network for centralized guarding of sites.

On January 7, 1994, Dipl. Eng. Pavel Videnov, President of Sectron OOD, established a subsidiary company, SOT – Security Alarm Systems EOOD, which later became known as SOT 161. Following its establishment, all security services previously provided by Sectron OOD were grouped in a specialized security structure.

Born on November 15, 1941. Dipl. Eng. Pavel Videnov has two Master degrees – in Industrial Engineering and in Social Management. He specialized in the systems of KP Electronics, Israel.  He has registered five inventions in the fields of security alarm systems and semiconductor technologies.

Dipl. Eng. Pavel Videnov has years of experience in the development, production and operation of technical security devices.

For 12 years (from 1962 onwards) he has been working for the Low-Voltage Power Plant, the Research and Design Institute of Radio Electronics and Special Optic and Radio Electronics Institute.

Pavel Videnov


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