Cash in Transit

Cash in Transit


SOT 161 has been providing transportation and guarding services of valuable assets for over 26 years now. The company owns a large number of armored vehicles most of which are Volkswagen Transporter Model T5 and T6. The vehicles have GPS positioning systems, reliable dual-channel connections and other technical and supporting facilities, cash compartments and special equipment made in Germany, with not less than BR4th degree of protection. Thus, the safety of cargo and transportation team is practically ensured.

Given the commitments made in 2023 and the need to increase the level of security and protection of the SAV, as well as ensure constant control over the actions of the collection teams, 25 new Specialized Armored Vehicles, model Volkswagen Transporter 6.1, protection level BR4, equipped in Turkey, were ordered and delivered. To control the team and the operational situation, four external, and three internal cameras connected to a DVR are installed, which allows real-time monitoring and review of recordings if necessary.

According to the company’s investment plan for 2023, in addition to the mentioned Specialized Armored Vehicles, 16 Mercedes Sprinter base cars and 20 Volkswagen Transporter 6.1 base cars have been ordered, which will be equipped according to the new standards. With them, the total number of cars exceeds 146.

The sites are served by 160 employees guarding valuables and cargo throughout the country. The activity is performed absolutely in strict compliance with the requirements of Ordinance 81213-611/2018 on the terms and conditions for organizing and carrying out the types of private security activity and the Law on private security activity.

The cash transferred under contracts must have insurance policy covering the money not only in transit, but also in the stay locations, pavement risk and specific risks during cargo handling operations. The policy will also include reimbursement of losses incurred by the employers in case of employees’ disloyal behavior.

In order to ensure required safety, the specialized vehicles are in constant connection with the company’s National Operations On-duty Center and the coordination center of Cash- in-Transit Department. Their travel route is being monitored through GPS systems for satellite positioning and navigation which enables quick response and assistance, if needed.

Besides the test-signals, signals for change in status of the cash in transit vehicles (SAV) are registered and processed in the on-duty centers’ computer networks, i.e. turning on/off the engine, different kinds of alarms, power failure signals or attempted interventions with the security alarm system, etc.

Using this technology, the company can have a direct view on all ongoing events of SAVs in real time. The technology has proven its efficiency and effectiveness in time of crisis. Using specially developed software, high-risk objects are monitored, where additional security measures are taken, and direct control over the actions of the collection team is carried out in real-time.

To ensure security during the collection of valuable shipments in the risk areas a team is additionally sent to secure the perimeter for each point, regardless of their number. The entire resource of the “Signal Security Activity” Directorate at “SOT” EOOD, which consists of 180 Mobile Security Patrols per shift, is available to assist the collection teams. If necessary, as an additional measure, depending on the operational situation, an armed escort of the Specialized Armored Vehicles is provided along the entire route when transporting valuable shipments of high value.

In 2007 the first Counting/Cash Center of SOT EOOD started operating in Sofia. Consequently, three (3) more counting/cash centers were established as follows:

Industrial Zone,
Gara Iskar, 2, 5004 Str.

30, VasilAprilov Str.

16, Tri Ushi Str.

“Transportna” Street, “Kondosko” Shopping Complex

Each center has its own vault.  They are equipped with BND brand – models “BPS C5-13” and “BPS C1” banknote sorting machines certified under Ordinance 18 of the BNB for quality control of banknotes and coins in circulation.

The cash handling activity is carried out in strict compliance with the requirements of BNB Ordinance 81213-444/2016 on the organization and control of ensuring the security of banks and financial institutions and BNB Ordinance 18/03.10.2019 to control the quality of banknotes and coins in circulation.
In the Counting /cash/ centers, cash in the form of valuable shipments from customers is accepted, and processed, and stored in the company’s vaults until certification is performed on the bank accounts provided by the customer, with an amount equal to the counted money. In addition to processing cash and verifying customer accounts, the service – delivery of coins – is also offered. Coin processing is carried out using specialized rolling wrapping machines “GLORY WR – 500A”.

SOT 161 also performs the service of servicing ATMs – devices located both in bank offices and in commercial establishments throughout the country. The complex service includes visits to load, release, provide access, or fix a technical problem with ATM devices, preparation of ATM cassettes (filling and sealing) in the Money Center of “SOT” EOOD with the Client’s available funds, acceptance, and revision of the contents of used cassettes.
All operations of receiving the valuable shipments and opening and counting the amounts in the specialized collection envelopes are monitored and controlled by high-resolution megapixel cameras and recorded with specialized DVR devices.

The clients using the service include:

  • Bank institutions

SOT – Signalno-Ohranitelna Tehnika EOOD has entered into service agreements for safeguarding and transportation of valuable consignments and cargoes with: United Bulgarian Bank AD, MUNICIPAL BANK AD, Eurobank Bulgaria AD, Express Bank, Allianz Bank Bulgaria, Tokuda Bank AD, ProCredit Bank

  • Financial institutions

TAVEX EOOD, Crown Chain EOOD, Fast Play AD, S 999 EOOD, Rate 2000 EOOD, etc.

  • Government authorities and companies

Mint, Central Election Commission, Sofia Municipality, Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski, Mutual Benefit Society at the Technical University – Sofia, Administrative Court – Sofia, Sofia City Court, National Assembly, etc.

  • Others

 SOT – Signalno-Ohranitelna Tehnika EOOD safeguards and transports valuable consignments and cargoes of big commercial stores across the country – AVANTI 777 EOOD, LIDL Bulgaria, McDonald’s Bulgaria EOOD, Mr. Bricolage, SAMEX EOOD, Sopharma AD, Deichmann – EOOD, Este Lauder Bulgaria EOOD, HANDY – TEL EOOD, PROMARKET OOD, Sting OOD, Kino Arena VT OOD, Forever Living Products Bulgaria EOOD, S&D Commercial OOD, Tendenz Group EOOD, Sodexo Pass Bulgaria EOOD, NIS Petrol EOOD, COME OOD, Global Net Solutions, NET 1 EOOD, Farmstore OOD, Medea OOD, CAM 2014 EOOD, etc.

Cash in Transit

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