Централизирана охрана
Физическа охрана
Неотложна Медицинска Помощ
Centralized Security

SOT 161 has been carrying out centralized security of sites since 1993. Since 2013 onwards the company has been providing national coverage by implementing security alarm services in 19 districts and 8 other bigger towns in the country. The signals from all guarded sites are received in the National Operational On-Duty Center (NODC).

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Video Surveillance

At the beginning of 2009, SOT 161 founded the National Operational Control Center for Remote Video Surveillance. The available resources and access to innovations enabled the team at the center to create a concept for video control which established the company as a pioneer in the security of sites using remote video surveillance systems.

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Physical Security

The physical security services of SOT 161 completely meet the requirements of the Law on Private Security and are provided in accordance with Article 5, Item 2 thereof ‘Individual or Legal Entity Property Guarding’.

Therefore, the biggest security structure in Bulgaria has been developed, covering the territory of the entire country. More than 3,500 officers are employed in the Physical Security Directorate of SOT EOOD and considerable efforts are made for their appropriate selection, training and providing uniforms, equipment and facilities.

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Emergency Medical Assistance

Do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of our flawless and REALLY FAST emergency medical services provided in collaboration with the medical teams of Tokuda Hospital Sofia! Ensure peace and safety for you and your family anywhere and anytime in your home, workplace or places of rest and recreation that you visit within Sofia.

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Специализирана охрана
Ценни пратки и товари
Изграждане и поддръжка
Трезор и Депозитарен шкаф
Specialized Guarding

The Specialized Guarding services are mainly provided within Sofia and, if necessary, throughout the country, and the performance of obligations involves employees of SOT 161 regional offices. The department employees have received special training and are constantly improving their skills by participating in special physical, shooting and tactical trainings.


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Cash in Transit

SOT 161 has been providing transportation and guarding services of valuable assets for over 15 years now. The company owns a large number of armored vehicles most of which are Volkswagen Transporter Model T5. The vehicles have GPS positioning systems, reliable dual-channel connections and other technical and supporting facilities, cash compartments and special equipment made in Germany, with the highest sixth level of protection. Thus, the safety of cargo and transportation team is practically ensured.

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Engineering Directorate

The Engineering Directorate designs, develops and maintains:

  • Networks and systems for communication and data exchange.
  • All kinds of technical security systems in the sites of centralized guarding – alarm systems, video surveillance, fire alarm and access control.


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Vault & Depository Cabinet

The Depository Cabinet is a service provided by SOT EOOD which is directed mainly towards corporate clients generating working capital in their points of sale, such as drugstores, supermarkets, gas stations, and bank branches, i.e. representatives of the small and medium-size business.IMG_4958

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