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Security Alarm Services

  • 2 minutes average response time
  • 47 on-duty car patrols in Sofia
  • 110 on-duty car patrols throughout the country
  • Best coverage of Sofia
  • 25 years of trust

Video Surveillance

  • Early signalling for trespassing
  • Information ahead of events
  • Threat response
  • High level of security

Emergency Medical Aid

  • Our own Medical Centre 161
  • Our own ambulances equipped with state-of-the-art life-saving medical equipment
  • Professional and attentive care of patients and their families

Physical Guarding Services

  • Enhanced internal control over physical security in the performance of its official duties
  • High requirements and increased control over the selection of staff
  • High standard in education and training of employees
  • Trust our customers earned with hard work and proven skills

Vault & Depository Cabinet

  • Two treasuries for public use within Sofia
  • Extended business hours
  • Full confidentiality
  • Safe deposit boxes of different sizes and rental prices
  • The term of the agreement is determined by the client
  • 20% discount for current customers of SOT 161

Cash in Transit

  • Safeguarding of valuable consignments and cargoes throughout the country
  • Insurance coverage of cash in transit
  • Pre-ordered or urgent cash in transit, within 2 hours from the telephone call
  • Over a hundred specialised armoured cars with the highest sixth level of protection

Engineering Directorate

The Engineering Directorate is involved with the design, development and maintenance of:

  • Communication networks and systems and data exchange
  • All kinds of technical security systems in the facilities of centralised guarding, i.e. alarm systems, video surveillance, fire alarm and access control

Specialized Guarding

  • Personal security of individuals
  • Security of foreign delegations and clients with specific and high requirements
  • Armed security of special cargoes
  • Armed security of bank operations
  • Security of sport competitions and events
  • Security of film productions and events of all kinds.

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