The SOT 161 Car Repair Station

The SOT 161 Car Repair Station was established in 2009. Today, the car repair complex is located in 251B Okolovrasten Pat Blvd., Mladost 4 Residential District, Sofia. Car mechanics, tinsmith, and painting services are provided there.

The car repair station provides technical maintenance, service, and repair of the cars of SOT EOOD and of external clients.

Repair works

All types of repairs – ongoing, major, and emergency repairs.

Car painting services

Car tinsmith services

The car repair station works exclusively with materials of leading manufacturers Glasurit, 3М, and Carsystem.

The car repair station has two workshops for pre-chamber preparation and one painting chamber.

The car repair station is equipped with strong hit stand – dozer and full range of deformation recovery tools.

PDR-technology is applied – special technology for recovery of hail grooves.

Technical service

Tyre services

Fill-in and maintenance of all types of air-conditioning systems.

All types of repair works – tyre installation, dismantling and balance.


Computer diagnostics – with modern devices for the most commonly used cars.

Front and rear axle adjustment – by means of computer stand according to the highest requirements.


The SOT 161 Car Repair Station is equipped with:

  • Full range of specialised tools for repair and service of engines, gearboxes, running gar, and electric devices of most car makes;
  • Universal diagnostic stand with updated range of diagnostic software;
  • Front and rear axle adjustment stand;
  • 8 car lifts, including 7 two-column lifts and 1 four-column lift;
  • Car geometry calibration and correction stand;
  • Stretching stand for cars suffered severe car accidents SPANESI, Italy; and
  • Modern painting equipment.

The car repair station is further equipped:

  • With painting chamber USI ITALIA, 1 PrepStation – special workplaces with self-aspiration, processing and polishing machines, Glasurit mixing system for preparation of more than 100,000 colours for all car makes;
  • Infrared lamp;
  • PDR toolkit for repair without painting and lamp;
  • 2 toolkits for groove suction;
  • Installation, dismantling and balance of car and light truck tyres; and
  • Air-conditioning service station.


The SOT 161 Car Repair Station has:

  • 500 sqm for tinsmith and painting works – 10 workstations for auto repair; and
  • 400 sqm for fitting works, diagnostics and front axle adjustment – 7 workstations for general mechanical works.

Автосервиз на СОТ 161

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