Physical Guarding Services

Physical Guarding Services

The physical security services of SOT 161 completely meet the requirements of the Law on Private Security and are provided in accordance with Article 5, Item 2 thereof ‘Individual or Legal Entity Property Guarding’.

Therefore, the biggest security structure in Bulgaria has been developed, covering the territory of the entire country. More than 2,500 officers are employed in the Physical Security Directorate of SOT EOOD and considerable efforts are made for their appropriate selection, training and providing uniforms, equipment and facilities.

SOT 161 uses reasonable balance between physical presence and technical equipment on sites to ensure the highest level of security. Thus, the human factor is combined with the latest highly efficient security, video surveillance and access control technology.

The Physical Security Directorate’s structure includes a modern Operations Control Center (OCC). OCC enables video control of the security guards during work in more than 700 sites and the validity of the incoming alarm signals is verified. A Real-Time Control System is implemented in most of the sites.

Panic button systems are installed at the guarded sites and the connection to the Operations Center is carried out through IP- and GPRS-based environments for voice and data transmission and through our private radio networks.

SOT 161 cars and motorcycles on duty, over 180 per shift throughout the country, provide 24-hour additional support of the physical guarding and contribute to decreasing the number of employees at the sites, thus helping to reduce the security costs of Clients.

SOT has gained experience and specialization in:

  Guarding of big shopping centers and retail chains, catering and entertainment establishments

  Guarding of banks and cash centers, educational, recreational and health institutions

  Guarding of Embassies

  Guarding of large industrial facilities and construction sites where the physical security is combined with perimeter alarm systems and access control

  Guarding of resorts and tourist centers

  Guarding of gated residential complexes

Please contact the SOT EOOD 24-hour Call Center at: +359 2 91165 with your interest or any questions, and during workdays contact our Marketing Department experts with the Physical Security Directorate, Mr. Vasil Krystev: +359 884 122 206, Mr. Angel Bahchevanov: +359 884 544 193, +359 2 9116513, or Mr. Svilen Sotirov: +359 884 770 224, +359 2 911 6513 for inspection, guarding survey and quote.

We believe that we can provide the best tradeoff between price and quality of service.


Physical Guarding Services

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