Video Surveillance (CCTV)

Video Surveillance (CCTV)

At the beginning of 2009, SOT 161 founded the National Operational Control Center for Remote Video Surveillance. The available resources and access to innovations enabled the team at the center to create a concept for video control which established the company as a pioneer in the security of sites using remote video surveillance systems.

The service provided by the center ensures a supreme level of security in the guarded sites. According to official statistics, the crime rates drop by 70% in places under surveillance. Video surveillance is suitable both for sites covered with perimeter detectors and for sites relying on panic buttons for sending alarms and on security alarm systems developed inside the buildings and premises.

The early warning provided through the service makes it possible to significantly reduce the time to detection and prevention of attempted illegal acts. In addition, conditions for responses adequate to the threat are created by sending the required number of mobile patrols knowing exactly where to find the offenders, how many they are, how they look and which way they went if they are no longer on the site.

Real-time information is provided which is critically important for the operations and investigation of the police. Thus, by adding video surveillance the overall level of security significantly increases, the alarms are doubled and accurate advance information for the situation is provided to all interested parties, i.e. the armed mobile patrols, police, fire service, medical teams or clients.

The remote video surveillance, with no outdoor perimeter security, is a budget option for additional protection of sites. Panic buttons, if available, and security alarm systems developed in the buildings and premises are used for alerts.

In case of break-ins, where the secured site is a house, villa or apartment, the control center warns the client not to leave the room they are in, informs them about the specific threat is and confirms that the response teams are on their way to provide help.

The control center’s access to the video information from the site can be limited. This means that the operators have access only to cameras permitted by the client in advance and provided that the site is being guarded.

The Video Surveillance service is appropriate where different types of sites are being guarded, such as:

Family houses, villas, apartments, residential buildings, garages, basements, attics, public and service rooms

Factories, industrial plants, photovoltaic parks, logistics and shopping centers, construction and sports sites, chain stores and warehouses, residential complexes, hostels, banks, office buildings, hotels and holiday homes, schools, shops, offices, service stations

High risk sites, e.g. vaults, ATMs, jewelry shops, exchange offices, cash desks etc.

Video Surveillance (CCTV)
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