Depository Cabinet

Depository Cabinet is a service provided by SOT EOOD aimed at customers generating high-risk turnover cash in their work, i.e. pharmacies, groceries, petrol stations, etc., which are frequent victims of violations.

The goal of this service is to ensure protection of cash against theft and robbery and to guarantee its safe keeping in Depository Cabinet until the arrival of the cash in transit team in charge of its transport. Cash is under continuous surveillance and safeguarding with activated alarm system, even while being deposited in the vault.

The Client’s account shall be certified with the amounts announced before the money collection and SOT EOOD shall assume responsibility for the cash, where the service, in terms of its concept and provision, has no analogue on the Bulgarian market.

It covers the overall movement and care of money, from safeguarding during collection, deposition, and storage in vaults, to Client’s account certification and subsequent transportation and processing of cash.

It guarantees client’s connectivity and information with a server and special software for cash processing and reporting at the level of the site and individual responsible person or cashier of the Client.

The use of this service may optimise the costs for daily cash in transit and the number of cash collection visits, at the expense of investments in money mechanical protection devices, safeguarding and electronic security system communications, and ensuring financial resources for prior certification of the Client’s account with the amounts deposited in the vaults.
Cash collection is insured by Bulstrad Vienna Insurance Group with covered risks of damages during the transfer of the valuable consignment to special armoured vehicle (pavement risk) and its transportation, counting and storage until being deposited to a cash centre or service bank (including against violations by SOT EOOD’s dishonest employees).

In the event of an armed robbery, a warning sticker on the cabinets shall inform the offenders that the security company is responsible for the money and the company’s personnel has no access to it.

The Depository Cabinet is equipped with mechanical and electronic protection of stored cash and is connected to the centralized security system which SOT EOOD has implemented to guarantee to the clients that in case of attempted burglary or communication loss, the alarm signals will be received on time and the mobile safeguarding teams will arrive on the spot before the money is stolen by the offenders.

The Depository Cabinet is directly connected to the national on-duty operation center and is subject to continuous surveillance and security.


The Depository Cabinet is of metal structure comprising a depository vault with a valve firmly attached to the premises’ floor and additional steel anchors individually fixed to the floor, which make the access to the vault more difficult and slow.

All structural elements are equipped with an alarm system of safeguarding and thermosensitive sensors and communication devices.

A model of optimised size is offered that is appropriate for use in sites with limited space in the cash room.

The depository vault is intended for storage of money and the cashier does not have access to its content. It is featured by:

– Burglary resistance – class Н0

– Electronic lock and opening mechanism – code reader keyboard and/or code

– Electronic lock with time delay opening option

– Cash deposit valve without possibility for taking them out

– Fixed installation points on the floor and the wall

– Tiger powder polymer coating (Austria)

– Installed last generation security and alarm system in case of burglary

– Software server connectivity.


When specific amount is raised, the wads of cash are placed and sealed in special collection envelope indicating depositor’s details and amount of cash in accordance with the valuable consignment standards.

The deposited amount is announced by mobile phone with an application connected to the company’s central server, by means of which the depositor scans the envelope barcode and records the deposited amount details in the site’s file.
СОТ 161 депозитарен шкаф

Through a special opening on the frontal side of the Depository Cabinet, they place the envelope in the depository vault’s valve and close it. The valuable consignment is inside the vault and is now subject to safeguarding. The client is notified about the amount deposited in the vault by a notification generated by the software or in another way agreed with them.

SOT EOOD certifies the Client’s account by payment order from its own account in the service bank and notifies them about the money transfer so made.

The account of a Client with more sites shall be certified at agreed time intervals, right after the calculation of the amounts received from all Depository Cabinets. In this case, SOT EOOD shall send summary record for the amount transferred during the day.

Money shall be collected after switching the security of the Depository Cabinet off by an authorised representative of the Client (person in charge of the site) by means of chip card kept by them. Then the vault shall be opened by SOT EOOD’s collector by using a special code.

The content of the envelopes in the vault is recorded in a Declaration-Receipt to be signed by the collector and the Client’s delivering representative, in accordance with the valuable consignment collection and follow-up procedure implemented by the company, and the money is transported to the cash center of SOT EOOD.

There is an option for local and remote video surveillance and recording of the procedures during the placement of the valuable consignment in the Depository Cabinet and its collection.

Money contained in the valuable consignment is counted in the cash centre of SOT EOOD under continuous video surveillance of the counter’s actions and the counting machine’s readings.

In case of difference between the counted amount and the amount indicated on the envelope and in the Declaration-Receipt, the Client must be notified about the difference and a commission drafts a protocol of findings with enclosed evidence, i.e. video surveillance recordings and counting machine printouts.

The Client’s account is certified in accordance with the terms and conditions agreed with them. The Depository Cabinet service guarantees that the Client’s account may be certified right after the money is deposited in the vaults within the banks’ working hours.

This saves the time necessary for transportation and counting of the valuable consignment in monetary and cash centers and the stress caused in case of delay of any of the procedures. At the same time, the Client is released from liability of the money and avoids the risks related to its storage, transportation, and counting.

After the Client’s account is certified, SOT EOOD takes full liability of the money stored in the Depository Cabinets and is responsible for its safeguarding, for monitoring the cash available in the vaults and for estimating its opportunities for further financing and account certification.

The company determines when and where the money raised will be collected, depending on the amounts required for the daily account certification, by taking into account the risks of storing bigger amounts of money in the cabinets.

The collection service is paid every month based on the days with amounts announced and deposited in the depository vaults, which are subject to collection and Client’s account certification, including those deposited on holidays.

The parties agree upon fixed monthly fee that is comparable to the fee for daily collection, which is subject to change in case of changed number of Client’s sites.

The price does not comprise any additional charges for the investments made by SOT EOOD for the purchase and installation of Depository Cabinets, software, and safeguarding and communication equipment, as well as their maintenance. This also includes the costs for maintaining and ensuring funds for prior certification of the Client’s account.

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